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Below you can read the frequently asked home improvement questions. If you are in need of any of our services, would like a free estimate, or would simply like more information about the services we offer at Miller & Sons feel free to visit contact us or call us at 703-444-0319 today!


1. How do we know how much it will cost?

When you call us, you will be given a price estimate based on how many items you want hauled away. Our estimate is based upon the amount of items, item weight, and item accessibility. When we arrive, we will give you a solid price before we even start.

2. How do we pay?

We will give you a receipt at the site. If you are not present we will leave the bill or mail an invoice to you. We accept Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Cash, and Checks.

3. Do you offer free estimates?

Yes. We will give you a free estimate and make sure you know the final price before we even start the job.

4.Can we set up an appointment?

Yes. Contact us or call us directly at 703-444-0319. We will also call you the night before your appointment to confirm the time.

5. How soon can you get to a job?

Sometimes we can get to you on the same day. Usually it is the next day or day after.

6. What areas do you serve?

All of Northern Virginia and Loudoun County. You can visit our Areas We Serve page to see a full lilst of our coverage area.

7. What kinds of items do you take?

Almost anything. From construction debri to old furniture to broken applianced. If you have any questions about a particular item you have in mind feel free to Contact us or call 703-444-0319.

8. Do we have to have everything gathered up and organized?

No. We will walk around and pick it up if you need us to.

9. Can we have something pick up at night or the weekend?

Yes. We know a lot of customers work during the day so we do offer our services during the evening and on the weekends.

10. Do you take hazardous waste?

No, but we do take some paint cans. They must be separate from the other debris.

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